Pawan Kalyan's Big Gamble!Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is going to tour Narasapuram on 20th of this month and will be attending a huge public meeting there. This is going to be the first public meeting of Pawan Kalyan in almost an year. Meanwhile, there is a new rumor in the political circles about this tour.

Rumors are that Pawan Kalyan may contest if there is a By-election in Narasapuram. It is expected that the Opposition would support Raghu Rama Krishna Raju against the Government. So this rumor is a big surprise.

But if we assume it to be true, this will be a big Gamble for Pawan Kalyan. Narasapuram due to the presence of huge Kapu population can be a decent choice for Pawan Kalyan. If he wins, it can be a good boost for Janasena ahead of 2024 elections. TDP may also support Pawan if he contests.

But then it is not easy winning. Even though Kapu voters are in huge majority, there are other sections who fight hard. It is not easy to tide against the Ruling party’s poll management. If PK contests, they will press even harder. This is the same constituency which has defeated Chiranjeevi (Palakollu) and Nagababu (Narasapuram LS).

If Pawan Kalyan loses the By-election, it will be curtains down for Janasena at least for 2024 elections.