New Rumor on 2000 Note - Handle Note with Care!After demonetization and the release of new 2000 and 500 notes, there is a lot going around these new denominations. Nanochip, bleeding note, fading note, tracing note, what not! There were experimental video’s too stipping the 2000 rupee note apart. They burnt it, tore it, soaked it in water and no chip slipped out nor the note apparently bled.

But now here is a new one which says the note is shredding upon handling it. As per reports, a woman from Kerala had withdrawn five 2000 rupees notes from a bank and after a while, she noticed that one of them started shredding upon handling it. As she said, she waited hours to withdraw the money and then she got this note which started shredding into pieces.

The woman took the note back to the bank and explained what had happened to the note but the bankers have denied it stating that these particular notes weren’t dispensed at their bank. The other four notes too, have got a few scars but the family could manage to use them. So, handle the note carefully, as it not only transmits signals to the satellite with the location of itself but also detects your attitude towards it and starts shredding!(a comment on twitter).