New Problems: Printing Defect in New 500 NotesThe Problems after Demonetization are just refusing to go away. The latest problem is with the new 500 notes. There are several reports of printing defects in these new notes which have just started coming into circulation. As of now, there are at least three case studies where the new notes have been found to vary from one another.

In one case, there is a more than visible shadow of Gandhi’s face, besides alignment issues with the national emblem on the note and even serial numbers. In the second case, the size of the borders of the notes was different. And in the third case, some people have got 500 notes with different colours (difference in colour shades).

RBI admits that these issues may be due to the current rush. RBI has assured people to freely accept such note in the transaction or return it to RBI. But then this kind of problems may aide counterfeiting as it becomes difficult for people to understand which is real since there are too many versions of the official note.