Liquor Shops, Andhra PradeshAccording to a Report in Pro-Government – Andhraprabha Newspaper, the Tourism department of Andhra Pradesh is planning 300 new liquor shops across the state. 250 of these liquor shops are planned in various religious destinations across the state to promote tourism.

Religious tourism is the major tourism avenue of Andhra Pradesh. The remaining fifty shops are in the tourist destinations of the state. The idea is to promote tourism across the state and make more revenue. But then, this is completely contrary to the claims of the Government of reducing the liquor shops in phases and moving towards complete prohibition.

There is a rule that the liquor shops should not be within a specific radius around temples and schools. The care will be taken to have these shops, not within that radius but is still reachable to the tourists thronging these destinations every day.

With this plan of the Tourism department is out in the media, it has to be seen if the Government withdraws the proposal or goes forward.

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