Andhra_Pradesh_Governor_NazeerAndhra Pradesh Assembly sat for the Budget session starting today. The session began with the address of the Governor. The new Governor S. Abdul Nazeer addressed both the houses of AP Assembly.

Governments prepare speeches tom-tomming about their achievements (at least what they feel as achievements) and plans for the future.

In Governor’s address today, the Government did not mention the three capitals or plans to shift the administration to Vishakapatnam.

The Chief Minister and the Ministers have been talking about shifting to Vishakapatnam without bothering about the Supreme Court. But still, such an important topic is missing.

Three capitals mention is found in all the Governor’s addresses in the last three years.

Buzz is that the new Governor strictly told the Government that he would not talk about something that is subjudice.

S. Abdul Nazeer is a former Supreme Court Judge and so, he is strict about it. So, the Government had to remove it from the address.

There are rumors that Nazeer was sent to Andhra Pradesh to rein Jagan Mohan Reddy’s behavior of not caring about the judiciary and subventing the systems.

The previous Governor did nothing about it and so, in the wake of the Government planning to subvert the courts on three capitals issue, a former Supreme Court judge was sent to take the right decisions.

And Abdul Nazeer already started showing it. He made it clear he will not allow any excesses without the approval of the courts and the Parliament.