The first Assembly session of the new Andhra Pradesh will take place from 19th of this month. Senior MLA Narayana Swamy Naidu will act as protem Speaker. Narayana Swamy will take oath on 18th and all the members of the Assembly will take the oath in alphabetical order on 19th. The election for Speaker and Deputy Speaker will take place on 20th June and Governor will address both the houses on 21st. Mostly both the elections of speaker and deputy speaker may take place unanimously.

The opposition party may ask for the deputy Speaker post. We will have to see if they will be given a chance by the ruling party. Both the houses will discuss Governor’s address and will pass a motion of Thanks on 23rd and 24th. And the first session will conclude on 24th. Political experts say the budget sessions of the residual Andhra Pradesh will take place towards the end of July.