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New and Worst Rumor of 2000 Note

new-and-worst-rumor-of-2000-noteMangalyan flew away, microchip shooed away, bleeding note dried out. After all these scandals came and disappeared, here comes a fresh and fatty one. This time they say that the Rs 2000 note contains animal fat and that it gives foul smell upon drying.

“Animal fat is the reason for the foul smell that comes from the dried up note”, this is what they say now. It is also said that the fat makes the note shinier and also that it makes the note last longer. Like it was done in the demonetization phase, experiments are being conducted to check if this rumor is true.

The rumor has apparently been inspired by the report of animal fat found in England’s £5 note where veggies protested refusing the usage of animal fat containing currency. What our people have added is that the fat gets washed away in the washing machine and rest all matches with the England’s report.