new-2000-rupees-notes-really-have-a-chipBlack Money Hoarders somehow are successfully laying hands on the newly introduced 2000 Notes and started filling their secret chests. But then, Income Tax Department has gone vigilant for the past one week or so and is catching such hoarders. Several arrests were made across the country till date.

Somehow, the Tax department is bang on the target and everyone wonders who are giving the necessary leads to conduct those raids. The way the department is hitting right on the targets, some Public started wondering it the new currency really has a chip inside which is leading the IT department to the hoarders.

Our readers are aware that there are rumours of this chip in the new notes which will lead IT department to those hoarding cash in big amounts at a place for a long time. But then the Finance Ministry already confirmed that these are all rumours and there is no such thing in the new notes.