New Fake 1000 Rupees Note Going Viral on WebsitesA picture of 1000 rupees note is going viral on the internet. It has first started on Twitter and then is being shared on Facebook and Whatsapp. People are still in a dilemma if this is real or fake. The new note almost resembles the new 2000 note. However, it is not confirmed if this is just a hoax.

As per reports in the early demonetization days, officials denied on printing the new 1000 note and a few refused to comment on the same. If this is true that 1000 note is to come into circulation soon, people out there would be relieved from the change trouble. With the shortage of 100 and 500 notes, though the 2000 denominations are out, the cash circulation is not the same as it was before demonetization, as no one is ready to give the change to 2000 rupees note.

Now, in this situation, if the 1000 rupees denomination comes out, the cash crunch issue could be resolved in short period of time. Earlier, before the demonetization scheme was announced, the picture of 2000 rupees note has gone all over the internet before it was released and now after 3 weeks of demonetization announced, the image of 1000 rupees note is being shared all over. Like 2000 news came true would the new 1000 rupees turn real? Let’s see.