Netizens After PV Sindhu's Caste!PV Sindhu won a Bronze medal the other day at the Tokyo Olympics. She has become the first Indian woman to win two individual Olympics medals. She is the second sportsperson overall after Sushil Kumar to achieve the feat. She has made the country proud with this achievement.

But then, there are some narrow-minded people who want to take the credit for this achievement by her caste. As soon as she won the medal, the search to know about her caste on popular Search engine – Google has increased by multiple folds indicating their curiosity.

There have been many discussions as such on social media. There are rumors that Sindhu’s father is from one caste while her mother is from another caste (we do not know the authenticity) but people are taking sides about whose caste should be taken into consideration to give the credit.

This has happened when she won the medal in the last Olympics as well. Looks like some things do not change!

Netizens After PV Sindhu's Caste!