Nervous KCR Government Successfully Muzzles Osmania?Osmania University is the hot bed of Telangana Agitation. We have seen the whole campus moving in support of Separate Telangana goal with TRS Party. Everything came crashing in three years and ugly scenes have happened in the University over KCR.

The government has to resort to counseling to students, advance arrests, heavy barricading and media control so that students can not reach the fete area to register their protests on various issues. Even then, the anti-government slogans did not stop.

The situation was so tense for the government that it had to cancel the address of the Chief Minister suspecting that some students might heckle or raise slogans during the Chief Minister’s speech to embarrass the Government.

Finally, the government had to cancel all the speeches except the President of India. KCR has seen alongside him but was visibly nervous and uncomfortable. But then all this went unnoticed as the government successfully muzzled the media.