Nellore Politics: Anil Kumar Yadav Had To Give Up Finally?Anil Kumar Yadav was a big vocal supporter of YS Jagan. He used to never hesitate to abuse the opposition and become a villain to some sections just for the sake of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

But everything got changed now. He had to lose his cabinet berth in the recent expansion. His rival, Kakani took his place.

We have seen Kakani and Anil Kumar Yadav trying to outsmart each other and gain their supremacy in the Nellore district. Finally, CM Jagan had to intervene and talk to both of them.

Even after the incident, there are instances of Anil’s supporters removing the flexes and banners of the newly appointed minister in Nellore city.

We do not know what pressure had worked but Anil finally gave up.

“We have ensured Nellore as a Flex-free city for the last two and a half years. But I am getting criticism for that from my own party leaders along with the opposition,” Anil told the media.

“If no one has a problem in allowing to defacing the city, why should I have any issue? There is no rule or regulation about Flexes in Nellore city going forward,” the former minister said.

He refused that the Chief Minister’s office exerted pressure on him on this issue.