Nellore MLA, Anil Kumar Yadav Nine YSR Congress MLAs have abstained from the proceedings of the house today and the other day. All the nine MLAs did not participate in the voting of No Confidence motion against the government and against the speaker. Eight of the nine MLAs have joined TDP and so it is evident that they missed the voting.

It is interesting to see who is the ninth MLA absent in both the cases. Sources say he is Nellore MLA, Anil Kumar Yadav who was absent on both the occasions. It is not clear if he is getting ready to jump the fence or have any genuine reason for being absent from the house. YSR Congress did not make any announcement over his absence.

YSR Congress have moved this No Confidence motions to corner the defected MLAs but failed in both the occasions. The other day’s No Confidence Motion was decided by Voice Vote which can not be used to take action on those MLAs. For today’s No Confidence Motion, the party did not issue whip.