Junior Doctors Andhra PradeshFrom Tuesday, more than 1,000 junior doctors in Andhra Pradesh boycotted their duties in the hospitals. The Andhra Pradesh Junior Doctors’ Association (APJUDA) served a notice to the Government demanding to recognize all final year postgraduate medical students of both government and private colleges as senior residents.

They are also saying that the government has been sitting on their rightful demand of stipend hike which has been pending since January 2020. They are demanding to hike the stipend to 80,000 Rupees. One more demand is for incentives to the Junior doctors for taking up COVID-19 duties.

Recently, the Junior Doctors in Telangana have also gone for a strike and got the government to meet their demands. Andhra Pradesh Junior Doctors have taken the same route. Initially reluctant but Telangana Government could not take a risk in the middle of a pandemic and heed to all their demands.

Andhra Pradesh Government has assured considering their demands but appealed to the doctors to call off their strike.