Negative-Judgement-against 3 capitalsAndhra Pradesh High Court is conducting day-to-day hearings on various petitions regarding Amaravati and decentralization in the name of three capitals. Today is the second day and the bench is headed by High Court Chief Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra.

Senior Supreme Court advocate, Shyam Diwas is arguing on the behalf of the farmers of Amaravati. Chief Justice has made adverse comments for the second day on a trot. The other day, the Chief Justice said the development in the state has come to a standstill.

Today, he said, “Freedom Fighters have fought for the Independence. But the independence is not only their’s. Similarly, Amaravati is not just the capital of 30,000 farmers who have given lands for the capital, it belongs to the people of all the regions”. Political experts say that it looks like the Chief Justice has sympathy towards the farmers.

They suspect that the final judgment may be against the Government’s three capitals plan. Meanwhile, legal experts say that since the daily hearings are happening in the case, the final judgement may arrive by Sankranthi.