Nayeem, Nayeem Nalgonda MLC Links, Gangster Nayeem Nalgonda MLC Links, Nayeem Nalgonda Politician MLC Links, Nayeem Nalgonda Congress MLC Links, Nayeem Nalgonda Congress MLC Komatireddy Rajagopal Links, Nayeem Telangana Politicians LinksMedia reports about the case of dreaded gangster Nayeem are sending chills down the spine of Politicians and Police officials. Nayeem reportedly amassed 1000s of Crores with extortions, blackmailing, murders etc. Interestingly, he did all this with the support of politicians and higher officials in the Police department.

Incidentally, it is rumored that he was eliminated when he tried to blackmail some persons who are close to the ruling party. And there is another version that Nayeem tried to surrender and so as to save some of the ruling party leaders and police officials involved, he was encountered. Whatever the reason may be, the aftermath effects of Nayeem’s encounter are even interesting.

Hoards of victims are approaching the Police about his heinous crimes. Media is churning out interesting reports of Politicians going to get notices in this case. Interestingly, only the names of politicians in the opposition parties were being leaked even though Nayeem’s contacts spread through all the parties. There are rumors that a Congress MLC from Nalgonda is trying to settle the issue with victims for not letting his name out.

The MLC is ready to pay the extorted money with interest to the victims. And then there are rumors that SIT is going to give notices to 30 Police officials who are of high rank. It will be anybody’s guess that most of them are retired. There are several questions on this case now. Will the government use it to torment the opposition? Does the government have the spine to book its own party leaders? Or all this is a mere media sensation?