The Intensive Household Survey of Telangana, the country’s biggest state-level Survey ever is currently underway in the 10 districts of the new state. About 4 Lakh employees with the help of several students and staff of various private organizations sprung in to action this morning sharp by 8 AM. As the government aims to get comprehensive information about 84 million families, the survey already hit several roadblocks with shortage of staff.

People in several areas of Hyderabad complained about not receiving the check lists of the survey and stickers on their doors which should have been completed by Sunday itself. Analysts have been alerting about the difficulties in conducting such long scale survey in a single day and it will be seen by the end of the day today if they are true.

On the other side, Telangana remained shut so far. Shops, hotels, petrol bunks, Film theaters etc were either shutdown by the government orders or lack of working staff who went on a leave to participate in the survey. Majority IT companies in Hyderabad asked their employees to take leave on Tuesday. Some of the companies have asked their employees to work from home for the day. We are getting reports of mass boycott of the survey in few colonies where settlers from other states are present. Government has made arrangements to pile up the data on to government surveys after the survey ends at 8 PM today.