National Survey Agency Reveals Real Ground Situation Of APP-MARQ is one of the National Survey agencies that has released its Nationwide Survey. The Survey has given an overwhelming majority to YSR Congress if elections are to be held today.

One of the team members explained the data and the rationale behind it.

“This reflects the current sentiment based on our survey. While there is anti-incumbency due to unfulfilled promises, the opposition is not seen as strong enough to capitalize on the failures of the govt,” he explained.

But he also left the contest wide-open saying, “There is still a long time to go for elections. In 2017 as well TDP was quite ahead at this juncture as reflected in the Nandyal by-poll result”.

This explanation very much reflects that TDP and other Opposition parties are struggling to infuse confidence in the people as they are confined indoors without hitting the roads.

His second statement comparing the current survey to that of the 2017 Nandhyal by-poll should give confidence to those parties.