NASSCOMAccording to a report released by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), IT companies in Hyderabad are generating approximately 4,000 metric tons of e-waste annually. These wastes are being dumped in the backyard of the city posing health hazard to the denizens.

The report identified that the identification of e-wastes and getting sanction for disposal is taking too much of time which is denying the recycling chance of such equipment. 39% companies store their e-waste for a period of one year, 15 per cent of the companies dispose them of within 6 months.

NASSCOM is recommending that Telangana government needs to come up with an e-waste disposal policy as part of the overall policy for Industries. Also most of the equipment can be recycled if disposed of in time. But as they are dumped in deplorable storage conditions, they are further damaged making them unusable.