Narendra Modi Japan Tour Visit - 500 1000 Rupees Notes DemonetizationImmediately after announcing the demonetization of 500 and 1000 Notes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew to Japan for a three days tour. While most of the people welcomed this decision for the greater good of the country, people are toiling really hard with old notes not being accepted and New Notes being very tough to procure.

There is a sharp criticism of the Prime Minister for going to a foreign tour without taking stock of the situation after such important decision. At this juncture, Modi has turned into a petty politician. He talked at length about black money, corruption and everything at an event in Japan.

He went on to say how some people are suddenly depositing money in their parent’s accounts who were left in old age homes and how some people better dump black money in Ganga etc. This is a topic which will belittle the country on foreign soil and is completely unwanted. But Modi did that as he wanted to give a feeling to the people he is very much tracking the issue even from Japan.