narendra-modi-to-take-over-jayalalithaa-empire-in-tamilnaduTamil Politics have grown interesting with the sudden demise of Jayalalithaa. Her Confidante O Panneer Selvam was made the Chief Minister but then everyone is sure that it is a temporary arrangement and Sasikala, the close aide of Jayalalithaa is only waiting for the right time to take over.

Jayalalithaa gets rid of Sasikala’s husband, Natarajan a couple of years ago but he immediately returned as soon the death news was officially declared and it indicates things to come. Both the national parties – BJP and Congress see this as an opportunity to sneak into the state which was dominated by Regional Parties for years.

In 2012, Jayalalithaa threw close-confidante Sasikala out of her inner circle before admitting her later. Political experts say it was the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi alerted Jayalalithaa how Sasikala’s Mafia popularly known as Mannargudi Mafia is eating through the state in the name of corruption and commissions.

It is inevitable that AIADMK will divide into factions very soon. Buzz is that O Panner Selvam will have the backing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi since Sasikala coming to the helm will be counter productive in several ways for the state and as well as the interests of BJP there.