Narendra Modi to Send One of the Most Corrupt Politicians to JailThe 50 days time asked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show the results of Demonetization is coming to an end. People do expect the cash crunch to be solved and would also want to see the results Modi promised. So, the upcoming Budget session is going to be crucial.

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On the other side, it is looking like the monetary benefits of Demonetization will not be as big as anticipated and there is a growing resentment in the people the big sharks particularly the politicians are let off the hook. Some of the sources in the central government tell us that Modi may target a corrupt politician and send him to jail.

This Politician will be chosen on the extent of corruption he is famous for and most likely will be a non-NDA politician as it will be an anybody’s guess. We are told that a set of politicians who are likely to fall in this bracket have already sensed that and are trembling in fear.

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They are praying that it should not be them. But then as in the case of the Demonetization announcement, nobody really knows what is happening in Modi’s mind. So, the period between December 30th and the Budget session in February will have some spicy scenes.