Reservations Based on Economic Status – Justified?

Narendra-Modi,-Reservations-Based-on-Economic-Status---JustifiedNarendra Modi Government is trying to bring in a Legislation giving 10% Reservations to the Economically Weaker Sections in the Upper Castes. This is also the ruling party’s Last Minute bid to woo the middle class of the Upper Castes ahead of the Elections. Now, it has started a new debate if Reservations can be given on Economic Basis.

Experts say,” Reservations are brought in to address Social disparities but not Economic disparities. This is a breach of the very purpose of Reservations. In order to address economic disparities, the government should have given scholarships, Free Education, Free Coaching etc. but no reservations”.

One would fall in the category of the economically weak if their total income per year is Rs 8 lakh or less, if they own only up to five acres of land, if their residential home is smaller than 1,000 square feet and is located in a plot of 109 square yards in a notified municipal area or 209 square yards in a non-notified municipality.

So in a way, those who would not fall in this category will have to fight in the pool of 40% which makes things worse for them. Further, it is feared that if the existing limit of 50% is breached for this, it can be breached further making things hell for those who can not avail the reservations. So, the debate goes on about Reservations.

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