Narendra Modi Notes Ban Affects Political Bandhs and DharnasPolitical Parties particularly those in Opposition are feeling suffocated with the ongoing Notes Ban in the country. It is an open fact that the opposition parties congregate people for Dharnas and Bandhs paying Money, Conveyance Allowance, Food and Liquor but then the paid crowds are unavailable now.

They no longer accept the banned notes and demand money in smaller denominations or the new notes. The transport companies, hoteliers, and Liquor Shops are refusing to accept the Old Notes to supply needed transport, food and liquor facilities in bulk and as a result, there are no protests all over.

The irony is that Opposition Parties which are protesting the Notes Ban could not get crowds for the protests due to the above-said issues. The crowds they get are those hardcore supporters of political parties who come voluntarily but protests with them look sparse and will be projected as failures.