Narendra Modi Not to Give Third Chance to Chandrababu NaiduPrime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to expand his cabinet later this month but this expansion will be a disappointment for the allies of NDA including TDP as Modi has decided to keep this reshuffle as a BJP affair. BJP President Amit Shah has indicated the same to Naidu.

Currently, TDP has one Cabinet minister — civil aviation minister P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju — and one minister of state — YS Chowdary in the Union Council of Ministers. But then, TDP may get one Governor Post which is likely to go to TDP (TS) Senior Leader, Mothukupalli Narasimhulu.

Naidu is also not keen to push for the inclusion of any new names for the inclusion in cabinet due to several local factors such as seniority, caste and region. The state cabinet reshuffle already triggered dissatisfaction among the senior leaders.