Narendra Modi Pawan Kalyan Somu VeerrajuAndhra Pradesh BJP Leaders are doing all that they could to please Janasena President Pawan Kalyan and bring him to campaign in the Tirupati by-election. The party President Somu Veerraju made some crucial comments to please Pawan Kalyan and his party supporters.

“Modi likes Pawan Kalyan a lot. Before the 2014 elections, he said to me we should also respect Pawan Kalyan a lot. Modi who is going to be the next Prime Minister (in 2014) took Pawan along with him in the chopper for Seven Public meetings,” Somu Veerraju said.

“We all should respect him and the party always has in mind to make him the leader to the state,” Veerraju said. It looks like BJP is desperate to be in the good books of Pawan Kalyan and bring him to campaign in Tirupati so that they may end up with a respectable number of votes.

These comments were made in the presence of Nadendla Manohar, the number two in Janasena Party. Tirupati By-election will happen on April 17th and the Results will be out on May 2nd.