Narendra Modi Narendra Modi Government is continuing to burden the middle class by increasing the prices of Petrol, Diesel, and LPG Cylinder. Petrol is inching towards 110 Rupees per liter in many states while Diesel is nearing 100.

With the increase of Petrol and Diesel, the inflation is high and the prices of essential commodities are going up. Meanwhile, the Government has increased another 25 Rupees on Gas Cylinder.

With the latest increase, Domestic Gas Cylinder costs 912 Rupees in Hyderabad. The Central Government had already cut down the subsidy amount and is giving back only around 25 Rupees. The delivery agents charge 50-100 Rupees for doorstep delivery of the cylinders.

That means the Cylinder is already costing 1000 Rupees for a few people and some are close to 1000 Rupees mark. The decision has come as a disappointment for the poor and the middle class ahead of the festive season.