Narendra Modi Polavaram ProjectThe cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh Government is waiting for the Central Government to reimburse the bills of the Polavaram Project. The State Government has been trying to get 1900 Crore worth bills released for the last six months but without much luck. Last Saturday, the Center released 333 Crore Rupees.

The Center has informed the State that bills worth 418 Crore Rupees are still under consideration. That will ensure the total to 751 Crore Rupees. That means there is no clarity about the rest of the 1,149 Crore Rupees worth bill. Earlier the Center had announced to fund the project to the extent of 20,398.61 Crore Rupees.

The number has arrived at the calculations of 2014 and in no way, a contractor can finish the project at those rates in 2021. The Central Government had earlier agreed to fund the project to the extent of 47,725 Crore but has changed its stance all of sudden in 2020.

If the state government can not exert pressure and ensure the center fund the project in its entirety, Polavaram will remain an incomplete dream for the people of Andhra Pradesh.