Narendra Modi Government Lies DebunkedNarendra Modi Government has gone back on the promise of Special Status to Andhra Pradesh. While going back on the promise, Ministers used to repeatedly say that there will not be Special Status to any state when GST comes into effect.

The other day, North Eastern and the Himalayan Region States have got their Tax Extensions until March 31st, 2027. Earlier, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and the North Eastern States were accorded Excise Tax Concession for 10 years.

GST Act has no provisions for Tax Concessions but Center will create a new mechanism where in GST will be paid initially and will be refunded later. 4284 industries will be benefitted from these concessions. Central Government will be allocating 27413 Crores towards this incentives.

So, all that talk of No Special status post GST is fake and is a propaganda created by BJP to cheat Andhra Pradesh. But the situation of AP is that the government can not pressurize as it fears non-cooperation in approvals of Polavaram and Amaravati while YSR Congress can not make it due to the fear of cases on Jagan.