Narendra Modi Government 'Begging' For Escape Route?It is known to our readers that the Government of India is at loggerheads with Social media giant, Twitter over compliance with new IT rules. The Government already stripped Twitter of its Intermediary status which makes it liable for all the content posted on its platform.

Cases are being registered on the platform in various cities for the legally not acceptable content posted by the users. However, it looks like Twitter is not blinking. We see the IT Minister of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad is going to the TV studios and is making statements against Twitter.

However, the nonstop outrage from a minister only shows the Government’s weakness and cluelessness about further steps. We hardly see someone from Twitter coming before the media and defend their stance. It looks like the Government is more worried than the social media giant.

It sounds like the Government is trying to put up a brave face and is pleading with Twitter to give an escape route from this tussle. It looks like the Government with never before mandate in recent times is proving to be meek before a foreign entity.