Pawan Kalyan Fans Anantapur Meeting Modi Currency Ban Effects Fans and Jana Sena Supporters coming to the Anantapur meeting of Pawan Kalyan are badly hit due to 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes Ban. The decision of the central government came all of sudden and the fans coming from other place struggled in their travel, food, and accommodation as their Big Notes are being refused.

Even RTC buses have also stopped taking these notes. Even for the fans to exchange the notes in banks, they are not carrying the necessary documents as being asked by the fans. It has to be seen if there will be any effect on the meeting attendance later today. Even if there is no problem in the attendance, fans may find it tough while going back.

Pawan Kalyan was asked to postpone the meeting but then the Jana Sena President did not heed to that. He has reached Anantapur last night. Anantapur meeting is the third such meeting of Jana Sena on the Special Status issue after the meetings in Tirupati and Kakinada.