Narendra -Modi - COVID 19 VaccineThere are apprehensions all over about a possible third wave of COVID-19. New variants are coming up on a regular basis. As things stand today, mass vaccination is the only way to combat this menace.

India needs to vaccinate at least 60% of its population to think of herd Immunity. But that looks too distant as of now. The vaccination is still a long way to go there. If not for the private hospitals, things would have been even worse.

But then, the central government has imposed new riders for private hospitals in acquiring the vaccines. Now, private hospitals can no longer place orders for the vaccines directly with the companies. They will have to place the orders via Cowin portal.

There are several calculations involved in determining the number of vaccines a hospital can get. These rules hopefully will not hinder the vaccination of private hospitals which if happens will let down the entire country. It is like cutting the branch in which one is sitting.