Undavalli,Undavalli Reveals Secret Document,Undavalli Reveals Secret Document AP Special Status,Undavalli Reveals Modi Secret,Undavalli Reveals Cabinet NoteFormer MP, Undavalli Arun Kumar came up with a sensational allegation on the Central government and how Narendra Modi willfully denied Special Status to Andhra Pradesh. Undavalli released a cabinet note and a draft ordinance for Special Status and merging of seven mandals of Khammam with Andhra Pradesh.

The draft ordinance referred the issue of special category status was to be referred to the Planning Commission to take appropriate steps. But then President of India, Pranab Mukherjee kept the ordinance on hold since Lok Sabha elections are due. After coming to power, BJP cleared only one part of the ordinance and kept the other in the dark.

If the ordinance was passed as it is, Niti Aayog would have had no option but to implement it. But Modi intentionally killed it. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu is very much aware of the ordinance but remained silent on it. Center even kept Chandrababu Naidu in dark about the entire issue knowing that Naidu will revolt.

Now having done all the nonsense and betrayal for the state, Modi government is trying to take shelter in legal and technical terms, denying AP its rightful share. Naidu coming out of NDA government and waging a legal battle on the center seem to be the only solution to rein this injustice meted to the state for the political gains of BJP.