Narendra Modi and Amit Shah Leave Jagan Tensed?Andhra Pradesh Government is likely to repeal the AP CRDA act in the Assembly on Monday which will pave the way to move the capital out of Amaravati. The ruling party has numbers to do that in the Assembly, it has to be seen what happens in the Council where the Opposition, TDP has the majority.

Ahead of the Session, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wanted to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to brief them about the rationale behind the Capital Change. He wanted to convince them that Changing Amaravati will kill the TDP ecosystem since they put all their eggs in the Amaravati basket.

But then, Modi and Shah have been denying the appointment to Jagan leaving the CM tensed about the Center’s next move. On the other side, there are rumors that the BJP High Command is already in the know about the capital change and Jagan would not come this forward without their blessings. However, a source in BJP denies that.

“If BJP Central Leadership is already aware of this plan, there is no way that the State BJP is taking a different stance. If the Central Government does not stop the capital shift, BJP here is on the losing side which will do no good to their political future,” the source said. The next few days till this month-end are going to be interesting.