Narendra-Modi-and-Amit-Shah-Doubting-Jagan's-Congress-BloodWe do not know what exactly ran in the minds of Modi and Amit Shah regarding Andhra Pradesh but ever since they came to Power in 2014 elections, they started troubling Chandrababu Naidu. Efforts were seen to showcase Naidu and BJP despite being in the Government used to be very critical of Chandrababu Naidu.

Midway of that term, it is evident that BJP is looking at their partner and finally they forced Chandrababu Naidu out of NDA. All efforts were put to defeat Chandrababu in the recent elections and help Jagan in all possible ways. If at all, Jagan wins big, BJP is expecting him to support NDA which is unlikely to get the majority.

Now, elections in Andhra Pradesh are done and dusted. Five out of the Seven Phases of the General Elections have also concluded. Modi and Shah are already crunching numbers to see how they can come back to Power and at this point, they are wondering if they did a right thing in Andhra Pradesh.

“We are sure that Jagan will win big in Andhra Pradesh but the question is if he will support us in the case of need. After all, Congress Blood runs in his veins and we can never know if he switches the sides,” a source in BJP told us. If that happens, it will be a huge strategic blunder for Modi and Shah in Andhra Pradesh.