Narendra Modi Afraid Of Himself?Forget about the days of Petrol hitting a Century, we have Diesel crossing the three-figure mark and Petrol is now looking at 110 Rupees per liter. The majority of this is due to the Taxes of the Central Government which increased many folds since Modi came to power.

This is the major factor contributing to the anti-incumbency against the Modi Government these days. Now, BJP supporters are worried about the Big posters of the Prime Minister erected at almost all petrol bunks. These posters were erected at the heights of Modi’s popularity but now, they have turned counter-productive.

The same posters are reminding people that Modi is the reason for the hardships they are undergoing. Reports are that oral instructions have gone to replace them with posters without having the Prime Minister’s picture. It looks like Modi is afraid of himself (his pictures) now.

Meanwhile, Petrol and Diesel are costliest in the South India because of the higher state tax rates.