Lokesh About Why He Chose to Become an MLCOne of the biggest criticisms on Nara Lokesh is that he chose an easy route of becoming a Minister by nominating to the Council and did not contest direct elections. The Nara Scion explained about in an interview to a National Newspaper.

“I worked like a soldier for the party during elections. The mandate given by the party was to work for the party. Post that, it is very unfair to ask an MLA to sacrifice his seat for me. I felt it is unfair. The Chief Minister saw something in me and felt I am fit to be a minister,” Lokesh said.

Lokesh also said that he feels silly when the Opposition charges him for inefficiency at one hand and make Corruption allegations now for bringing companies. “All these years, they criticised me saying am inefficient and incapable. Now, they criticise me for attracting companies. It is hilarious. They should make up their mind,” Lokesh added.