Nara Lokesh Yuvagalam PadayatraThe MLC election results are out now and in the graduate MLC election results, TDP easily won Uttarandhra and East Rayalaseema seats in the same.

TDP is getting into favorable position to win the West Rayalaseema segment as well, which is another major development.

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Incidentally, Nara Lokesh started his Padayatra from Chittoor, which is a part of West Rayalaseema and he was mocked by a section for the same, saying why he picked the weakest segment for TDP in Rayalaseema to start his Padayatra.

But after taking a look at the MLC elections trend now, it appears to be that starting from West Rayalaseema was a master stroke from Lokesh. TDP is indeed in a very good position here, where Lokesh started off his mega walkathon.

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It is evident that Lokesh’s Padayatra effect is indeed showing in the MLC elections. Perhaps, his presence in the West Rayalaseema segment rejuvenated the TDP forces in the area and the positive reverberations are showing in the elections trend now.

Even if YCP ends up winning the Rayalaseema west segment, it will be with a very small margin which will again be a morale boosting victory for the TDP.

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