Nara Lokesh TDP MLC ElectionsTDP registered a sensational victory in the MLC elections today as the party candidate Panchumarthi Anuradha won the MLC seat by polling 23 MLA votes. TDP didn’t quite have the required strength to win the MLC seat as 4 of the 23 MLAs it won had been away.

However, the party gathered the requisite number and delivered a shock to YCP by winning an MLC seat against all odds. In this context, Nara Lokesh went on to mock Jagan over the MLC elections.

“Your party kept mocking us, using the 23 number. You bought 4 of our MLAs like a cattle sale. But this is how god’s script works. We won an MLC on the 23rd of the month with 23 MLAs against all odds. This is your downfall and our surprise” Lokesh said.

Lokesh congratulated Anuradha for the MLC victory and added that this victory will create tremors in Jagan’s camp and starts a new journey for TDP in the build up for the 2024 Andhra Pradesh general elections.