Lokesh_Nara_Speech_Kuppam_Yuva_GalamTDP’s Nara Lokesh kickstarted his mega walkathon – Yuvagalam in Kuppam today and it sure was an eventful start. The Yatra saw a massive crowd turnout with people from all age groups.

Lokesh was also at his aggressive best at the public meeting as he came straight to the point without any deviations.

Lokesh breathed fire on the YSRCP government over the job calendar announced by Jagan before coming to power and the failure to fulfil the same. He spoke about the lack of investments in the state and Jagan’s destruction modus operandi.

Lokesh took the government to the cleaners over the price hikes, spike in taxes, prohibition, etc.

More importantly, Lokesh was really confident and comfortable while delivering the speech. He stuck to the point and asked straight questions to the government that reflect the public’s pulse.

And another observation is that Lokesh wasn’t just reading it all out from the paper. He came up with a fiery speech without peeping into paper. So it packed more impact.

This has given Lokesh’s Yatra the desired impetus and set the tone for the elongated war that’s to come. With Lokesh expected to only get better from here on, this Yatra could well be the big deal for TDP in the next election.