Nara Lokesh TDP General Secretary  TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh has chosen a tough constituency like Mangalagiri for his political debut. TDP did not win Mangalagiri after 1985 election. He lost the election and has been subjected to severe political criticism and trolls as a result.

Lokesh recently reiterated that he has no idea of going back and will be contesting once again from Mangalagiri in 2024 elections. He announced winning Mangalagiri and gifting the victory to his father, Chandrababu Naidu. It looks like that is not a hollow claim.

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For an instance in Dugirala Mandal of Mangalagiri, YSR Congress has got 2,956 votes majority. Thirteen villages have gone the YSR Congress way while five villages stood towards TDP. The majority has been cut drastically by the time of ZPTC elections held in April 2021.

YSR Congress majority from this mandal is just 832 votes. TDP has got highest number of votes in nine villages while YSR Congress has taken a slender lead in eight villages. One village has gone Janasena’s way. TDP believes the party situation has improved further after April.

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The party is confident that it is going to be an easy victory in Mangalagiri in 2024.