Pawan-Kalyan - Nara LokeshTDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh has become the first politician in Telugu states to participate in a Twitter spaces session. The session was a blockbuster and it changed the perception of people about how they see Lokesh. Meanwhile, Twitter Spaces can be very useful to Janasena President Pawan Kalyan as well.

Pawan Kalyan always makes it a point that he can not be in the middle of public because of his film image. Fans will rush in huge numbers and result in a stampede wherever he goes. We also see Pawan Kalyan a bit uncomfortable whenever he speaks in public meetings, roadshows, etc.

A Twitter spaces session is the best tool for Pawan Kalyan to interact with fans very often. He can freely speak with them about his ideas and opinion. There is a lot of energy in Janasena on social media and most of it is not channelized. Sessions like these will put them to the best use.

It will also motivate the youth to be more active in Janasena. We have seen how YSR Congress made the best use of social media before 2019. A channelized approach from the Janasena party on social media can easily pay rich dividends.