Lokesh_Reinvents_HimselfNara Lokesh embarked on a 4000 Kilometers Padayatra on Friday and addressed a massive public meeting in Kuppam. Lokesh made an instant impression with the speech.

There is no deviation from routine political talk and asked important questions like Investments, Job Calendar, Special Status, Prices Rise, Taxes, Prohibition etc.

The speech with no politics and only about the issues that matter to people impressed everyone.

The response of the YSR Congress ministers and leaders is on very expected lines.

We have Perni Nani, Roja, Kodali Nani, etc come before the media and exposed the hollowness of the Government.

They came up with routine comments like Lokesh could not speak, Lokesh did not Mangalagiri, Iron leg, and resorted to all sorts of name calling.

But then, YSRCP leaders seem to be missing basics here. Padayatra is not just like a Pressmeet or a Public meeting. Padayatra is more about the human touch and going near the people.

People do establish an emotional bond with leaders and connect to them.

That’s the reason why YSR, Chandrababu Naidu, and Jagan have won the elections after doing Padayatra.

If YSR Congress leaders can not find better ways to answer or criticize Lokesh, these nonsense talks will only add to public sympathy for Lokesh.

Lokesh certainly reinvented himself but it is like YSR Congress leaders struck at those routine levels itself.