Lokesh_Nara_Padayatra_Yuva_GalamThe YCP government is evidently rattled by Nara Lokesh’s Padayatra and the latest acts of the Jagan-led government clearly implies the same.

Recently, Lokesh has rejected permission to address the massive public gathering in Bangarupalyam of Chittoor district. So he climbed a nearby building and addressed the public as he was rejected the permission to put up a dias or speak from his campaign vehicle.

Now, the AP police have done something strange to try and stop Lokesh from addressing the public.

While Lokesh was on his Yatra at NR Peta, the police climbed up the nearby buildings to prevent him from getting up on them and addressing the public. This was a strange sight.

With police’s strange evasive tactics, Lokesh couldn’t do much and he had to simply finish his public addressal and move on. But what’s clear here is that the YCP government is doing all it can to trouble Lokesh’s Yatra which in turn validates the impact he is packing with the Yatra.