Andhra Pradesh Government is completely taken back after releasing the Job Calendar amid huge fanfare. The youth which rallied after YSR Congress in the last election pinned high hopes on the Lakhs of Jobs promised by Jagan Mohan Reddy.

But they are shocked to see the calendar with less than 500 vacancies when the aspirants are in Lakhs. The Opposition party, Telugu Desam Party had effectively taken the issue to the people on social media but failed on ground.

The affected sect of people are known for their energy and ability to take to the streets. There is an easy Opportunity to hit the ground and brew the anti-incumbency. Any day, Online popularity is no match to the Television popularity.

Such a program would have got hours of publicity on electronic media which will go directly into the masses. Also, the participation will make him popular with the target voters. Missing such an opportunity is really a big loss.