NAra_Lokesh_Tirumala_TirupatiTDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh had the darshan of Lord Venkateswara Swamy today, a day before his Padayatra.

Lokesh is an MLC and had protocol Darshan approved by the TTD authorities and reached the temple at the said time. But the TTD officials made him wait for One hour in the Queue line, TDP Leader B Tech Ravi claimed.

“The Government is resorting to Cheap Tricks even in the Temple. This is an indication of YSR Congress’s degradation,” B Tech Ravi criticized.

Protocol Darshan ensures immediate darshan through Mahadwaram without any waiting.

Probably, this is a sample of what Lokesh has to expect from the Government in the days to come.

Similar non-co-operation will be extended in all the ways as he embarks on 400 days of Padayatra.

But then, the ruling party should remember these kinds of things will mean more media coverage and more public attention to Lokesh which may become counter-productive for them in the future.