Nara Lokesh in Yuvagalam PadayatraMarking the occasion of Women’s day, TDP’s Nara Lokesh, who is currently on Yuvagalam Padayatra had a chitchat with women while on his Yatra in Annamayya district today. He came up with a near-to-heart speech at the meeting.

“My father, Chandrababu was always busy in politics. My mother is the one who groomed me and made me what I am today. I value and respect her a lot. She is never the one to come out in public for political reasons. But this government humiliated her in the house of public representatives” Lokesh said.

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Lokesh added that YCP’s humiliation took a toll on his mother, Bhuvaneshwari and it took her a month to get out of it. “My father, who never cries, had to cry because of this heinous act.”

Lokesh added that once Chandrababu becomes the chief minister again in 2024, they will make it a point to impose a new subject in schools and the motive of the same will be to teach kids to respect and value women.

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Incidentally, the family members of Ashok, a YCP activist who lost his life during TDP’s tenure while erecting banners for Jagan’s Padayatra, met with Lokesh today. They thanked Lokesh for helping their family back then by giving them Rs 30 lakh through CMRF even knowing they supported Jagan.

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