Lokesh Equates YSR Congress MPs to Alibaba Chalis ChorNara Lokesh who is confined to his usual business of administration in Twitter until now is taking on the Opposition for the last few days, ahead of the election season. Lokesh who took at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi the other day has taken a jibe at YSRCP MPs today.

” ఏమి నటన! YSRCP MPs deserve ‘Bhaskar Awards’ for misleading the public with their resignations drama. In connivance with BJP, they cleverly passed time so as to reach the 1-year threshold before the General elections & ensured that the by-poll situation is avoided! Wah re wah! (sic)”, Lokesh tweeted.

Playing to the galleries, Lokesh has a suggestion to the Opposition Party. “I suggest that they invest in making a Tollywood film “A1 మరియు అర డజన్ దొంగలు” based on their own true story (sic),” Lokesh added. Needless to say, these radical tweets are getting too much of traction on Twitter.