TDP_Nara_Lokesh_YuvaGalam_Padayatra_YSRCPNara Lokesh has just completed a little over 200 Kilometers of his 4000 Kilometers Padayatra but he already shook the entire YSRCP ecosystem.

We have seen the ruling party leaders blabber continuously about Lokesh‘s Padayatra being a failure and ineffective. But their actions speak something totally different.

Day in day out we are seeing YCP leaders from Ministers to MLAs and Spokespersons speak hours together about Lokesh indicating that they are bothered about something.

We are even seeing some unknown names come before media and abuse or comment about Lokesh all of sudden.

Sakshi and YCP affiliated media are churning out negative stories on Lokesh almost every day on a quota basis.

In politics, leaders do not touch the topics that people are not interested in. Even if they do, it is only a customary mention. Because you do not want to invest time and energy or giving publicity to something that is failed.

But when an entire ecosystem is after something, that indicates they are bothered about something which is going good or expected to go good.

Probably we will also see Jagan himself entering the fray sooner or later.