Nara_Lokesh_Defamation_Case_SakshiOn Wednesday, the 12th Additional District Court in Vishakapatnam allowed Nara Lokesh‘s Defamation case on Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Jagathi Publication that runs Sakshi News Paper.

The defamation has been filed in January 2020 for an intentional bad story demanding Rs 75 Crore as damages. Jagathi Publication argued that the case is not admissible. After hearing the arguments, the judge decided that it will be taken up.

This case is regarding the story in which Sakshi alleged that the Government had to pay up a bill of 25 Lakhs for the Refreshments of the former Minister at a cafeteria in Vishakapatnam Airport when he was the Minister. Lokesh put up proof that the bill is not for him alone and is for all the Ministers and officials who come under the protocol.

He also furnished Proof that he is not in Vishakapatnam on the bills raised on some particular dates. A few media houses which picked up the story from Sakshi have apologized and retracted the story/ But Sakshi did not do that for obvious reasons.

After giving enough time for the media house to withdraw the story, Lokesh now filed a defamation case.